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  1. 2009-03-23, 18:41
    Message by iTz K1ng FuZ10n - new crew
    im starting up a new crew and i would like you to join..i am looking for active members and i want to make a name for a new rising crew for MS

    if you want to join or you can think about it..jsut post in the free agency section and post you want in if you decide to
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    2009-03-13, 17:29
    Message by CJDAWGG14 - WCO SCHEME
    West Coast Offense Scheme - 5 plays (all out of Far 3 WR) use the package TE slot for EVERY PLAY!

    HB Screen: one of the best screen plays in the game when used right.
    Setup: put LB on a slant to the side of the screen.
    put the slot WR(TE) and the outside right WR on curls.
    Slide Protect to the right, and roll out to the right.
    Just look for who's open, and always look to the outside right WR and the HB 1st.

    Slot Cross: nice crossing route play to get big yards, but can be used for under routes as well
    Setup: hot route your #1 HB to a curl
    Motion the FB to the left, and hot route him to a left slant
    Slide Protect to the left and rollout
    Your looks will be the HB, the TE on the crossing route, and the FB on the slant.

    Curl Flats: probably one of the best schemes thruout the madden challenge, but easily stopped, so its time to supercharge it
    Setup: Motion your TE to the left
    Hot Route him to run a curl
    Hot Route your FB to run a drag
    Your looks will be the TE, and the WR running the curls(on the same side) you can also look towrds the HB just in case they bring a good blitz, or the FB running the drag

    Slot Slant: this play is pretty good, but it's something you need to make better.
    Setup: Motion the FB to the left(this makes ur opponent think your running Slot Cross)
    Hot route the FB to a curl
    Hot route the Left WR to run a drag
    Looks: always look towards the WR on the drag, the FB and the TE running the slant

    FB Dive Weak: use the Dual HB package for this play
    Setup: make the Oline aggresive, and motion the HB to the right. as soon as he gets to the tackle, hike the ball.
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