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 Madden NFL 11 Franchise

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New MS Member

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PostSubject: Madden NFL 11 Franchise   2010-07-26, 03:26

Starting A madden franchise for XBOX 360

Here are the rules
1. No nano
2. No going for it on 4th down unless in 4th quarter and your down and if your down by 21 points halftime you can go for it at anytime unless you catch up exception can go for it on 4th & 2 at anytime NO going for it on 4th & 3.
3. ACTIVE people no one and done teams. So if you lose you should still stay in the franchise no matter how bad you are doing so don't join if you are known to do that
4. Will play 2-3 games a night to start off with and if I see your not playing you will be kicked instantly!!
5. Have to be playing franchises games not any other games first is a warning second you are kicked from the league.
6. No Rocket Catching
7. Play realistic like it is in a real NFL situation
8. No goal line formations outside the redzone (outside the 20 yard line)
9. No Onside kick unless 4th quarter and no two-point conversion unless you need to
10.Have Fun (sorry about so many rules) but it will make a very successful franchise!
11.Also Communication is the key talk to either me Anys2011 or P I C K FTW x21
12. All trades will be discussed with the Anys2011 or P I C K FTW x21 for computer trades. All user trades can be done at anytime before the trade deadline. No trades will be allowed after the deadline.

Planning to have 18 to 20 teams
The teams taken so far is Vikings, Raiders, and Texans.

Will be on All-Pro and will mins per quarter will be voted on

Our Gamertag is Anys2011 and P I C K FTW x21 send both friend request and tell the team that you want.

P.S. Our goal is to go for 10 years in madden and person to knock off the comish in the playoffs will get either 3 month xbox live subscription or 1600 Microsoft points. Also at the end of the franchise (10 years) with the most Superbowl wins will get 1600 Microsoft points! Also I will be advancing at Midnight EST with every week

We will be setting up the franchise August 10 at Midnight CST but will be fully running around when the game comes out. Won't advance until everyone finishes games.

Thank You and enjoy the franchise
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Rookie MS Member

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PostSubject: Re: Madden NFL 11 Franchise   2010-07-29, 23:31

saying no nanos is dumb becuz ppl will say you nano when they get blitzed and suck
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Madden NFL 11 Franchise
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