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 Pass Balanced

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PostSubject: Pass Balanced   2010-05-14, 18:58

Goal Line HB Off Tackle/Toss (Pass
Balanced PB)
a) No Adjustments. Snap the Ball.
Flip the Play from time to time or motion to throw the defense off

Goal Line QB Sneak (Pass Balanced PB)
a) Slide Protection Pinch. Snap the Ball.
This play is hard to stop mix this in with the HB Off Tackle and Toss
plays. The
defense has to stack the box to even have a chance to stop this; that is
when it is
good to switch to the other plays.

Single Back Tight Flex HB Off Tackle (Pass Bal. PB)
a) Look at the defense; if needed flip the run (not the play). Snap the
This is another good running play that gives great blocking no matter
which side you
decide to run; with slide protection or not.

Single Back Tight Flex PA Waggle One Way (Pass Bal. PB)
a) Place the Right Outside WR on a Drag going left.
b) Place the Left Outside WR on a Drag going right.
c) Extend the Right Slot WR route.
d) Place the Right Outside WR, in motion, to the left.
e) Snap the Ball after the motioned man gets set.
f) Roll out to the right after the PA.
g) Man, look for the WR that you motioned going to the flats or the Left
Outside WR.
h) Zone, look for the Right Slot WR for a Rocket Catch or either Left
going over the middle.

Single Back Tight Flex PA Waggle 2nd Way (Pass Bal. PB)
a) Cancel the PA.
b) Place the Right Outside WR, in motion, to the right.
c) If you notice the CB not following the motioned WR; then snap the
d) Man/Zone, look for the motioned WR for a quick pass (should be wide
Single Back Tight Flex Slot Corner (Pass Balanced PB)
a) Extend the Left Slot WR route.
b) Extend the Right Outside WR.
c) Place the Right Slot WR on a Streak.
d) Place the RB on a Drag route going right.
e) Place the Left Outside WR on a Slant going right.
f) Place the Left Slot WR, in motion, to the left.
g) Snap the Ball right before your motioned man gets set.
h) Man/Zone, look for the motioned man for a quick pass; or the crossing
routes and even the RB going to the flats.
If you need extra time, try using the TE or RB to block or just slide
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Pass Balanced
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