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 Draft Class Year 2

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New MS Member

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PostSubject: Draft Class Year 2   2010-05-11, 16:22

K- so I finally got through my off-season for my Dynasty and completed the 2010 (2009 college year) draft. I completed my 2010 pre-season and now its time to load the 2011 draft class. I pop in NCAA 2010 and look at my save Dynasties.... crap. I never saved the dynasty that I imported the 2010 draft class out of.

So here's my question- assuming I use the same roster to create a new dynasty and sim to 2011, how messed up will my incoming class be? Obviously the seniors will all graduate, but do the underclassmen who leave early change significantly from year to year? ie will Golden Tate, who left early in my original the dynasty I didn't save decided to stay in the new dynasty and end up in my 2011 draft class, causing him to appear twice in my Madden dynasty. Alternatively, will a player who decided to stay in my unsaved dynasty leave early in my new dynasty, causing me to miss out on drafting him completely?

Sorry for the convuleted question- I guess a simpler way of putting it would be do the draft classes generated in different dynasties from the same roster tend to vary significantly?
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PostSubject: Re: Draft Class Year 2   2010-05-11, 17:10

They do vary, but it is not significantly. Some underclassmen will leave one year who won't the next time you sim it, but generally it is the same people in my experience.


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Draft Class Year 2
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