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 pass balanced- money play

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Hall of Fame MS Member

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PostSubject: pass balanced- money play   2010-05-09, 01:44

Shotgun-split cowboy- i prefer dual HB package.
Slot cross
audible the slower of your 2 backs to perform a smart routed curl.
smart route the deep In (thats usually your number 2 receiver aka O)
Hot route the other RB to perform a slant from the backfield toward his respective sideline
hot rout your number one receiver to either a fade, curl, or smart routed slant to the sidelines.
motion whichever RB you made do the slant and immediately hike the ball before he starts to move.
1. if the corner on your #1 Receiver is in a light blue zone, your receiver should blow by him high bullet pass toward the sidelines for an easy gain. if he jams you or drops back into coverage move on to read 2.
2. if no linebacker follows your running back on the slant hit him as soon as he passes the LOS. however if he is followed and you don't think hes open continue to read 3.
3. the # 3 receiver coming across the field. if the OLB runs with your RB then this route will be open for a bullet pass no pass lead right around the time he gets even with the center or just as he passes the MLB. however if the defense drops a Dlineman into a hook zone and this is blanketed continue to read 4.
4. the RB on a curl. if the MLB either blitzes or drops into a deep blue or runs with the crossing route this will be open however if he is just squatting there immediately look to # 5
5. the smart routed in. you should practice this play enough to be able to make the previous 4 reads BEFORE this receiver makes his cut into midfield if the corner is in a deep blue-purple-man to man throw a high bullet pass as soon as he makes his cut for an easy 12 yards. this is your safety blanket. if he is not open i PROMISE you one of those other receivers is. another thing i like to do is wait until he cuts in front of my RB on a curl quickly perform a play maker to send the RB the opposite way if you need any more help just message me

now for all you saying oh id nano your ass before you can make all those reads. im sure you could but if you see your opponent running alot of heavy blitzes simple keep one of the RBs into block slide protect and hit the cross over the middle or the other RB abusing the flats
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pass balanced- money play
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