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 Mw2 QuickScope tip

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Hall of Fame MS Member

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PostSubject: Mw2 QuickScope tip   2010-05-07, 20:24

ever wanted to be able to run around with a sniper? and having the other team full of fear?

well you came to the right place,first off you need to know how to set up your wep class

this is the way i set it up

First wep- Intervention
Second- Spas-12

Grenades- 2 stun
Equipment- Throwing knife

Perk 1- Slieght of hand pro
Perk 2- Stopping power pro
Perk 3- Steady Aim pro

next you wanna have your stick sensativity to where you feel most comfortable

now when you see your target you wanna move the crosshairs close to him then hold downthe left stick while you hold down L1 to aim at him. and Shoot

make sure you dont hold them down to long

practice this in private match with friends.. and you will pick it up easily
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Mw2 QuickScope tip
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