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 Go watch Capitalism: A Love Story

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Veteran MS Member

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PostSubject: Go watch Capitalism: A Love Story   2010-04-19, 22:46

Everybody on this site who reads this, go watch that movie called Capitalism: A Love Story...Why do I say this? Because the movie will enlighten alot of you guys out there that take things for granted. It was a sad movie to watch and I discovered alot of disturbing things about our country's downfall. Trust me, it is bad. I know some of you guys could care less about politics and all, but this is effecting us all in some kind of way. Lets start with talking about Jimmy Carter. When he was president, he warned the american public about this stuff...And look at what is happening now. Wallstreet has ran this country since Reagan was in office...Why do I say that? Have you guys ever heard an associate of the president tell him to hurry up with his speech to the public? It was this puke from Goldman Saccs telling Reagan to hurry up with his speech...For real? More stuff was in there to, that supports every aspect of the movie...Now, I just also watched big mouth Rush Limbaugh running his mouth off more about Obama....His little Dear Mr. President thing he did on the radio...Somebody should tell that fat ass Limbaugh to watch the movie I'm talking about now, so he can shut the hell up and go at it with Wallstreet...Because when you pay attention to it all, Wallstreet was the reason why America went into this deep recession in the first place...Capitalism sucks, and if God was here right now, he would dismiss it with quickness...Capitalism focuses on the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer...Is that what the big man upstairs would want? You guys tell me whats up...And go watch the movie...It is a huge eye opener...
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All-Pro MS Member

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PostSubject: Re: Go watch Capitalism: A Love Story   2010-04-19, 23:06

Ill check it out. Documentaries are the ish. America is ran by greed. And it is scary to think of the future. It seems like we are to the point that no matter who is in office, good or bad, we are taking 2 steps foward and 3 back.

Anyone catch that Dateline NBC special on how bad off Detroit is ???
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Go watch Capitalism: A Love Story
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