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 Franchise Simulated Games

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PostSubject: Franchise Simulated Games   2010-03-23, 14:42

Ok basically me and a friend started an offline franchise with two separate teams in the same division. the rules are simple:
1. We need to play each other in both of our division games (2 a season)
2. We can choose one other game a year each to play and the other person has to control the other team (helps in case play-offs are on the line and you need that extra push, 1 game each a season)
3. All play-off games have to be played including of course the superbowl and the other person if they're not in the play-offs or have a different schedule have to use the other team (3-4 games)
4. All other games have to be simulated (helps the seasons go by faster, we're in year 17)

Now my team usually finishes with a loosing record even though we're rated an 87 (better than my friend), we finished 11-5 last season and won the superbowl. However this season they're back to loosing, 4-6 right now and my friend has gone to 7-3. Last season he messed up and made too many trades so he had to dump a lot of his best players and fill the spots with free-agents and rookies in the off-season for this current year. Most of my starters are back except one, my left tackle and I filled the spot with a younger better rated player.

So my question is why year after year does my team loose and my friends team win the games we simulate? My coaching and players are better but my team always looses the simulated games. Does anyone have any tips that I could be doing wrong or maybe there's some setting that's different for simulated games?
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PostSubject: Re: Franchise Simulated Games   2010-03-27, 12:03

My sons and I have a similar league. Our simulated games seem to reflect our coach and player ratings for the most part, winning more sim games than losing. All four of us usually wind up in the playoffs.

One tendency I have noticed is serious player injuries are much higher in simulated games. The computer doesn't seem to account for player fatigue as much as I do, I run west coast style offense and try to make sure at least 2 of my 3 H backs and my fullback can catch cause I throw a lot of short passes. In simulated games the computer doesn't seem to follow my usual game plan cause when I look at game stats my primary back will have 35 to 40 carries averaging 2 to 3 yds, often leading to injury. Don't think to many real NFL backs could take that kind of beating over and over.

Same on defense. I got a couple of small homes on D-line and I sub them out from time to time to keep em fresh when I play and they never get injured.
One of em always gets injured late in a game for at least a quarter in simulated games cause the computer leaves em in for the whole game.
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Franchise Simulated Games
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