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 The effective lob pass

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New MS Member
New MS Member

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PostSubject: The effective lob pass   2010-02-27, 23:46

i have seen many players use the lob pass amazingly effective...like for instance passing to a running back in the back field ...

or hitting a wr...right when he starts his route....

Is anyone experienced with this kind of playing...and can u explain the setup??
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PostSubject: Re: The effective lob pass   2010-02-27, 23:55

yeah, its an old school method. its really just a tap of the button to a fast wr.

the trick is the match up. you want your fastest receiver against the slowest defender. so a really fast WR against a slow CB, or even a really fast TE against a LB.... but that usually doesnt work because the safeties' zone prevents that lob.

use WR swap (a package available in most formations) so that your #1 WR is against their #2 CB. you're looking for man coverage, because that will keep the CB from dropping back early. then hike the ball and wait a little for the receiver to get past the defender, once he starts getting separation just tap the corresponding button.

if it looks like its an overthrow, youll need to switch on to the receiver and use turbo, but for the most part it will be an easy completion.

not many people like using man coverage a lot, so its not a play you can use very often. but when you can, its effective.
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Hall of Fame MS Member
Hall of Fame MS Member

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PostSubject: Re: The effective lob pass   2010-02-27, 23:57

i like to use the lob in man on like deep post or slant routes where my guy usually beats the defender i just lob it up and let him run underneath it for a nice gain.
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PostSubject: Re: The effective lob pass   

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The effective lob pass
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