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 Fake Blitzing

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PostSubject: Fake Blitzing   2009-12-20, 18:30

Fake blitzing is the
concept of hot routing a
player who is not blitzing
by the default design of
the play into a blitz. This
is best for plays where all
of your defenders except
one are in zone (The one not in zone should be blitzing on the opposite
side of the field). The defender you hot routed is referred to as the fake
blitzer because his role is not to make the sack, but to cancel out the left
A good play to use is 4-3 Normal - Hog Buck 3 out of the NYG defensive
playbook. (You do not have to use this play, this is only an example.)
Step 1: Crash the line outside (Right Analog stick up)
Notice the LOLB is already blitzing. Hot route the ROLB (The one in the
purple zone) to blitz.
Move him to the outside of the right defensive end. He is the decoy.
should be
how the
play looks
like when set up.
A: Fake Blitzer
B: Real Blitzer
The O-line should shift to the left to adjust to the fake blitzer.
Now is when the LOLB makes his move through the line

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Fake Blitzing
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