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 4-4 Money Plays

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All-Pro MS Member

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PostSubject: 4-4 Money Plays   2009-11-12, 22:41

Defense Plays from Tennessee Titans

1) 4-4 Split Crash Gold (Titans PB)
a) Bump and Run.
b) Make sure the LILB (right side of TV Screen) is next to the SDT (right
side of defensive line).
c) Place the LOLB on a blitz (this should change his blitz angle).
d) (If needed) you might want to have your SS bump and run the Slot WR or TE.
e) User Control the defender assigned to the RB.

The LOLB you placed on the blitz, he goes oddly through the LOS and gets great
pressure on the QB.

2) 4-4 Split FS Blitz (Titans PB)
a) Bump and Run.
b) Place the FS at the right side of the A Gap; then blitz him.
c) Place the RILB(left Side of TV Screen) on the left side of the A Gap;
then blitz him.

You are overloading the A Gap, one of those defenders should come right through.

3) 4-4 Split Monster Green (Titans PB)
a) Spread the Defensive line.
b) Place the LOLB (on the right side of the TV Screen) next to the LDE.
c) Place the LILB and RILB in the right and left A Gap (both sides of the
Center); then re-blitz them.

If your opponent slide protects either way, one of the OLB should shoot through the
edges; you might want to make sure the OLB are fast.

this is directly from an ebook that my friend gave me owned by GTM; i do not own any rights to these plays; i just have them but i dont use 4-4 so i thought id share em here
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All-Pro MS Member
All-Pro MS Member

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PostSubject: Re: 4-4 Money Plays   2009-11-13, 15:46

this formation stops off tackle cold.
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4-4 Money Plays
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